CYFS Social Worker Gets a Thick Ear

Seems our judges might just be reading CYFS watch:

A Northland social worker is to apologise to the courts after a judge accused him of “sabotaging” the sentencing of a teenager.

The teenager, who killed two people when a stolen Mercedes he was driving crashed, was due to be sentenced in the North Shore Youth Court on Wednesday.

However, Judge Laurence Ryan delayed the hearing after a social worker failed to provide information requested at a previous hearing.

Judge Ryan said: “Essentially the social worker has sabotaged the availability today to sentence [the teen] and I require an explanation as to why this has happened.”

He ordered a summons requiring the social worker to appear in court to explain himself and offer an apology to the teen and his mother for the delay in imposing a sentence – the third time it has been put off.

Reading a few CYFS watch cases, there are many accusations of workers using the courts to subvert the law, as well as outright subversion of the courts themselves.

Nice to see the courts bite back!

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