Greens and Police

Thinking about the Greens and the Police, one always is left a little confused.

Whenever there’s a protest or anything else happening, the Police are “abusing their power” and can’t be trusted.

However, when it comes to the smacking debate (don’t make me give it it’s full title, you know what I mean) they keep telling us the police will never arrest good parents.

I just realised the common thread here. It’s quite obvious.

According to the Greens, the police shouldn’t fight crime.


  1. I think that according to the Green Party, the police should be fighting crime more. I think the Green Party want to scrap the speeding ticket quota that the Police currently indulge in. I think the Green Party probably also want the Police to stop their (the Police force’s) own crimes as well, and they would also probably want the Police to do their job properly more often.

    When prostitution was a crime, the Police didn’t usually go around arresting prostitutes very much. In the USA, they have squads within the police force that have the specific aim of fighting prostitution. To my knowledge, we’ve never had that sort of thing here. And I could guess why also … but I will refrain from commenting anymore about that on this thread.
    However, at the same time, the Police were only too keen to go around arresting protestors/campaigners, and sometimes the protestors weren’t even doing anything illegal. Sue Bradford was one of the protestors. So it’s no wonder the Green Party want the Police to be fairer.

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