National Radio – Key “Backtracks”

National Radio was on maximum spin on the way home tonight. They were all out to paint John Key’s fairly obvious condition of talks with Sue Bradford as changing the rules.

I’d have thought that admitting the problem would have been the only way to work towards a compromise. Without that, you have no grounds to compromise on.

Of course, Sue’s “idea” of bringing all her supporters along was a bit of a give-away that she was never going to talk. Funny how NR never mentioned that.

But a good move by John nonetheless. Brilliant in fact.

NRT is so blinded by hate

(I make no apologies for the language used in this post. Hitting people is assault. Parents who hit their children are bad parents. If you’re outraged over this label, then there’s a very simple way to avoid it: don’t hit your kids).

…that he doesn’t understand National’s leverage – the support from 80% of the country.

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  1. I am definitely of the opinion that intentionally smacking your children means that you’re a bad parent at that time.

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