Eve’s Bite, Herald Review

John “I’ve got my facts completely backwards*” Rohan reviews Eve’s Bite.

There are many examples of environmentally-induced characteristics within species, which Darwin noticed, but virtually no evidence for the extrapolated theory that species can mutate into creatures quite different.

This matters to Wishart because “if you believe that (species can evolve), then you’ll believe life is not special and mankind is the master of all her surveys. You’ll believe there is no God and free yourself and your family from any moral code.”

Funny, if you’ve read the book, you’ll recognize this tactic.

Note John doesn’t bother to mention that Ian supports his assertions re the moral implications from extensive quotes. Nope. The reader is left to assume he’s just some blowhard.

They need to be gently acquainted with a mind that is going to challenge them and they need to feel they are going to enjoy the journey. Intellectual honesty is usually enough to meet those requirements. The sense the writer is going to open his mind to the subject, acknowledge awkward truths, grapple with them and come to an honest conclusion is usually enough.

Now John attempts to phrase Ian as someone “without an open mind to acknowedging awkward truths”. In fact, the book is about several rather large “awkard truths” – truths John and many, many others are refusing to acknowledge.

But Wishart’s attempt to reason against Dawkins is just as trite.

“He (Dawkins) poses the idea that someone must have designed the designer … He forgets one very important little fact. Time. Time only exists within the four walls of our universe. Dawkins, sitting inside the universe, assumes that the laws of physics, chemistry, biology and time must apply to God as well … “

Enough already.

This from a man who just said “He is a man of impatient certainties.”!!

So, if God exists, he has to exist only within the universe he would have created. Oook. While atheists may think God is like that, if you assume a creator God he must be outside his creation. You might not believe that I built a house, or that I exist, but if I did exist I didn’t exist only within the house people say I built.

But what am I saying. Listen to John “Enough already” is all we need to know. My bad, I thought this stuff was about “Intellectual honesty”, which I always thought was about rational debate of some kind, logically answering opponents’ objections. Guess I was wrong huh.

So what does it all mean in the end? A vast conspiracy to undermine Western civilisation, Wishart says in rather desperate epilogue.

It sounds like he knows the book has failed. In the end, Eve’s Bite is no more than the author’s bile.

You forgot the part about the extensive quotes from marxists, evolutionists, and others. I guess when those people said they were out to revolutionize the world, you thought they were joking, right?

Fact is, this book is specificially designed not to appeal to John, and is marketed deliberately in a way so as to work around MSM reviewers like him. I believe Ian says as much somewhere, but I can’t be bothered looking it up.

Read it, it’s a Scrubone “Top 10″ recommendation**.

*”child abuse statistics …they were not so bad if you take Polynesians out” – Pacific Islanders actually have the best record on child abuse, judged by percentage of child deaths.

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  1. Eve’s Bite, the most thought and anger promoting book I’ve read. We’ve been had and all parents should read it even if they don’t agree


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