Complaint Upheld, 3 Dismissed

Goodness, where do we start with this one!

How about from the start:

TV3’s Campbell Live has been ordered by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) to air a statement about exploiting a boy whipped by his mother with a riding crop.

Nice, working in the word “whip” there, while actually telling the truth about the instrument used for once. Sort of dishonest and honest at the same time…

In the upheld complaint, Dr Kiro said the child was being exploited by sitting with his mother during his interview.

He would have felt pressured to provide the right answers and the show “displayed a disregard” for the boy’s rights, she said.

During the interview, the boy said he felt he deserved the discipline meted out to him.

He was pressured, all right!

The 14-year-old also said he would not smack his own children, though after the interview, the host said the boy only said this because he was afraid Child, Youth and Family (CYF) would take them away.

Remember: this case only came about because the boy’s behavior improved. Then CYFS removed him, in spite of the criminal case being thrown out. Kiro is by her own admission the watchdog over CYFS, but here is attacking the very people she should be standing up for.

So should it surprise us that this boy is afraid to admit he would smack his kids, even 15+ years into the future?

For that matter, do you start to see how parents who have children now might be more than a little concerned about the power’s CYFS wield, with the “watchdog” attacking them!

In another complaint, Dr Kiro said the boy’s privacy was breached because those who were familiar with the case could identify him.

Funny how this report seems to gloss over this and the other two rejected complaints.

The commissioner also alleged the story was unbalanced, being firmly pro-smacking and against reform of child-hitting laws.

Furthermore, it was inaccurate, Dr Kiro said, because the mother was not a reliable source and that the journalist had made no attempt to investigate the circumstances of the case.

The mother’s story was validated by the courts, solely on the word of the prosecutor. But Kiro doesn’t like that story, so out come the insults and mud-flinging.

Oh, and how dare the media present the side of the case that the great Cindy Kiro disagrees with.

Kiro is a disgrace.

Forget about protecting children. Attacking the innocent, failing to do her job, crushing dissent. That’s her day’s work.

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