Gay and Nudist Hangouts

Listen to this from National Radio – just the first half. Tell me what you think this means:

We have a significant problem with… nudists and… there’s a bad problem there with gay people.

There are… small groups of them that huddle up together and do their thing. Well. I mean the mind boggles. We need to get rid of that and we believe that a community will in fact get rid of all that.

It is the centre of the gay/nudist type activity in Hawkes Bay; in the summertime. The sand dunes are littered with these people.

Don’t underestimate it, it’s significant.

To me, that sounds like people doing something illegal, not to mention shocking. I was shocked to hear this, and the people there were too.

But, according to National Radio, not in the way I was…

“My first reaction was absolute shock, because I can’t believe that people still think that in this day and age.”

“I was surprised as everyone else, uh, you know, to exclude people like Chris Carter and his partner from our beach would be just not on.”

“Do you know that we must accept that gays are part of our society…”

I was quite upset really by, by the things that… here was a group in society being excluded because of the prejudices of a, of a landowner.

Hang on a minute. Wasn’t the reason for accepting homosexuality into general society based on the supposed fact that they were no different to the rest of us – that they didn’t as a rule engage in this sort of anti-social sexual behaviour. They are supposed to live in monogamous, faithful, family-friendly relationships.

Indeed, one would have thought that with the openness of society these days that people would no longer have to resort to finding an out-of-the-way beach.

But wait, here’s another story, this time from the USA.

For two straight days, “Good Morning America” featured interviews with Dina Matos-McGreevey, the ex-wife of former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey. For both segments, co-host Diane Sawyer peppered Mrs. McGreevey with questions about homophobia and whether people should feel sorry for her former, now publically gay, spouse.

Why homophobic? Well…

Apparently Jim McGreevey, who resigned after his homosexual affairs and hiring of grossly unqualified individuals became public, kept a rather large photograph of a naked man in his apartment where the children could see, much to the horror of his ex-wife.

Quite a story. Strangely familiar ground to readers of Eve’s Bite.

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