Labour, Police and Corruption

I was listening to National Radio this morning when Annette King named Wayne Idour as the man who played the infamous “chicken” film.

Pathetic. Need I say, Labour have long proven that they think we are all idiots.

Then I listened tonight as the man who made that allegation.

Again, pathetic. For goodness sake, if everyone left the room leaving him there, there’s several real reasons why that is just as pathetic as King:

a) Why did Broad state that he only knew about the film when he came into the lounge – you would presume people left through the nearest exit, and it beggars belief that no one told Broad on the way out – it was his home after all.

b) The allegation flies directly in the fact of Broad’s other statement that he would not have gotten far with a complaint – a complaint that would apparently have had the backing of all those who walked out.

c) Has this guy ever seen the reaction of 20’ish rugby types to any sort of porno?

These allegations are serious and extraordinary.

By this swift and completely careless cover up, Labour just proved them true.

Let me finish with a quote from Ian:

“I have a question for the Prime Minister: what protection is she prepared to offer government employees if they are prepared to blow the whistle on corruption? If the Prime Minister has nothing to hide, she and her civil service should have nothing to fear from an independent Royal Commission of Inquiry.”

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