Gordon Copeland Leaving United Future

The inevitable has happened – United Future is split. It really was only a matter of time.

I notice that Idiot/Savant at NRT hasn’t bothered to read up on those he slags off:

Finally, there’s a lesson in this for our politicians: you can’t trust Christian parties to deliver the votes they have promised – they will flake and betray you. Hopefully this will introduce a note of caution into any future negotiations with such groupings.

Um no. Actually, he’s supporting the government on everything UF said they would. This in spite of the utter repugnance of this current government.

So that would mean that Christians can be trusted to hold to their word, even if it means supporting something they hate. That’s the complete opposite of NRT’s statement.

I’m not holding my breath for an atheist correction though. Hopefully this transparent falsehood will introduce a note of caution into any future reading of such blogs.


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