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The Maori Party have some issues with Pakeha mathematics:

Perhaps the most startling fact was the one that was missing from the seven volumes of Budget promotional highlights.  That missing fact is the calculation of how much of the Budget’s new funding has gone to Maori.  So we added the ‘little bit’s up and found that of the $3.3 billion of new money, the specific allocation for Maori advancement was $18.57million per year.  All up, it’s a grand total of 0.6% of the funding allocated to 14% of the population.

Hm, yes. Funny how all other budget spends are marked “Pakeha and Non-Maori Only”. Oh wait, no they aren’t.

That would mean that Maori get %14.6 of funding. I.e. they don’t get %13.4 less, they get %0.6 more than Pakeha do.

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  1. Yes, its as silly as adding up how much taxes Pakeha pay compared to Maori…is that their point?

  2. I find it very insulting that maori have been allocated 0.6%more funding than me. It’s legalised racism. I hate it.

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