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So everyone’s upset about this comment:

But mainstream programmes also had a Maori presence, Mr Ellis said.

“Dream Home, Shortland Street, Ten Years Younger, Intrepid Journeys, Location Location, Animal House, Game of Two Halves, Police Ten-7, Charm School, Lost Children, I could go on. There’s a large number,” he said.

Pita Sharples says:

Dr Sharples told Radio NZ: “Sure there’s Maori in Shortland Street. But you know just saying ‘Kia Ora bro’ doesn’t make it a Maori programme. Game of Two Halves, just because Mike King’s in there, I mean is that how the Maori element is in that programme.”

Sigh. No one was claiming these were Maori programs, just that they had “Maori presence”. As with many other things, the actual context of the comment appears to have been lost in a sea of political correctness.

I also think the reaction to Police Ten-7 is a bit off. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Maori police officers rounding up the crims. No one said the Maori contribution came from the crooks only.

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  1. I agree. I don’t think it was as big a deal as it’s been made out to be. The main point is that it’s the truth. Programmes like police 10/7 most certainly do have Maori presence in them.

    By the way, I joke sometimes while watching police 10/7 that they don’t need to put up on screen the ethnicity of the criminals because we all know already that they’re probably Maori!

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