Reflection on Gun Control

I’ve always considered NZ’s policies on guns to have been a good thing, with much lower gun-related crime than the US.

Now, after reading Investigate’s latest magizine, I am no longer so sure.

So, I’m throwing myself open folks: convince me, bring me your arguments, your data. Feel free to show your opponents selectivly quoting (as I suspect Ian has – and this is open to Ian too) research as well as twists etc in existing data. Linking to sources compulsory :).

Assuming substantive feedback, I will post my conclusions later on.

I have added the “Gun Control” category to link into wordpress’s community on the issue.

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  1. Real quickly because I’m off to bed –
    I’m American, grown up around guns, been using them since I can remember, I have a concealed carry permit and can legally carry a concealed weapon almost anywhere, I own more than a few guns. So, that info should bias most people against me, but, the facts are that the states in the US with the least amount of gun control and the most citizens with concealed carry permits also have the least amount of all kinds of crime, even gun related crime. OK, I know you said you required stats, I’ll *try* and track them down tomorrow. If I am tardy or don’t produce some documentation feel free to delete this comment.

  2. Thanks Steve. I accept your point, as that’s what the article made.

    What I’m looking for more is people who can make a solid case for gun control, because I’m beginning to wonder if that can be done at all.

    The article certainly found those proposing it wanting in many respects.

  3. Well I also am in The US, in NY near Rochester to be exact. Approx 400 miles from NY City. NY has some of the stricter Gun Control Laws in the country, the largest areas that have the most gun violence are The Cities where Gun Laws are even stricter. In Washington DC our nations capitol, Gun Laws there are The Most Restrictive yet it is safer for The US Troops to walk the streets of Baghdad that the streets of DC. In nearby Rochester, one area of the city has had close to one Death per day, The Guns are all Illegally Owned and purchased and are not purchased through legal dealers but rather what one could refer to as the black market.

    Now in England even the Bobbies at one time did not carry guns, but now there are some that do, it is a percentage 1 for every so many Bobbies, why, there is gun laws there that if they work, should stop guns but when Criminals want guns, they get them.

    I have to agree with what Steve said, when there are legal guns available in areas, crime does go down.

    Let me ask you this one simple question, Say you were going to go out on a shooting spree to kill as many people as you could, you live in a city where people do not get involved or own guns because the laws are so strict, Would you feel relatively safe committing this crime, after all you only have worry about the police and you will hear them coming from there sirens, or would you living in a city where concealed weapons/guns are allowed and many people carry them. Would you feel more safe there on your shooting spree.

    Myself I would rather be in an area where no one had guns.

  4. Like you, Scrubone, I’ve always considered NZ’s policies on guns to be a good thing but I am now beginning to wonder if it is actually so good.

    If you have a crazy man going around with a gun and a shop keeper isn’t legally able to have a gun with him in order to defend himself if need be, then there may be something seriously wrong with the current gun policy.

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