Spying on Idiots

The biggest story of the day is of course the “spy” employed by a security company working for Solid Energy.

Firstly, the company who hired this kid are idiots. He was not “acting” as an enthusiastic member – he was one already! What were they thinking?!?

Look. If you’re going to get a good spy, you have to get someone who is actually against these idiots. Try the Young Nats or Campus Act or whatever.Heck, they’ll do it for nothing probably.

Second, I have an ethical problem with all this. Why was the police or SIS not doing this job? After all, these are groups engaged in criminal activity. Get in the professionals.

Third, Helen’s response is interesting

Miss Clark said State-owned Enterprises Minister Trevor Mallard would be taking it up with Solid Energy this week.

“That behaviour is not acceptable from a state-owned enterprise,” she said on TV One’s Breakfast programme.

Methinks Helen has taken a look at her recent poll results and sees fit to shore up her dwindling list of supporters. I seem to recall Helen being far less charitable to protestors than this when her government was ahead in the polls.

Of course, one’s own experience of this sort of activities can’t be revealed until the 50 years are up. 🙂  Needless to say, it was a lot of fun…

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