CYFS… Protecting People?

This struck me as a bit odd:

The five and six-year-old girls were taken by their father Jamahl Schou, also known as Jamahl Ake, from their Child, Youth and Family (CYF) caregiver in the Tauranga suburb of Brookfield on Wednesday.

Bay of Plenty police believe the Girls are staying with either extended family or associates of their father.

Police are appealing to the man to return his daughters.

Their welfare can’t be guaranteed until they have been returned to CYF and on that basis, yes they possibly are in a degree of danger,” Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Turner, from the Tauranga CIB, said today.

Since when did CYF gurantee anyone’s saftey? How many stories are there about children being abused in CYF care, and now you’re telling us their saftey can’t be guaranteed if they’re not with CYF?

In fact, the ultimate irony here was that they got stolen from CYFS custody – showing just how stupid the above claim really is?

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  1. I can assure that these girls will be far safer with the father and his loving support network rather in the hands of a government department that is so dysfunctional they’re dangerous. In my work I actively engage in coal face duties helping traumatised parents of both genders fight CYFS for the right of a loving , caring , meaningful and positive relationship with their alienated children. The minister in charge of this sinister govt agency (Radical Feminist Ruth Dyson ) should be held accountable for the terrible emotional, psychological, mental and physical abuse that is inflicted upon vulnerable children through a incompetent bureaucratic inertia that does not give a stuff about the plight of our children. CYFS is a sad indictment and certainly do not act in the child’s best interests. For example, rape of young girls while in CYFS care, Coral Burrows and multiple illustrations of callous and deliberate abductions of children stolen from parents to satisfy the hateful feminist ideology of unscrupulous social workers. They shuffle kids around caregivers without acknowledging the damage this causes and they fail to address the disturbing anti -social behaviour problems attributed to these most unfortunate children. This is Nazi Germany stuff, but who cares about the kids in this cess –pit country with the family unfriendly socialist government who is hell bent on obliterating the traditional family. The government is guilty of large scale CHILD ABUSE !!!

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