Not an Email You’d Want to Recieve In IT


From: ----- -----------
To: IT Department
Re: A/C constantly running.

To whom it may concern,

I came in today (Monday) to finish up a project I was working
on before our big meeting with the State ----- Commission tomorrow,
and I noticed that there were three or four large air conditioners
running the entire time I was here. Since it's a three day weekend,
no one is around, why do we need to have the A/C running 24/7?

With all the power that all those big computers in that room use, I
doubt it is really eco-friendly to run those big units at the same
time. And all computers have cooling fans anyway, so why put the A/C
for the building in that room? 

I got a keycard from [the facility manager’s] desk and shut off the
A/C units. I'm sure you guys can deal with it being warm for an hour
or two when you come in tomorrow morning. 

In the future, let's try to be a little more conscientious of our
energy usage!


In case you haven’t worked it out, all fans in computers do is remove heat from the computer into the room. Since servers work quite hot, AC in the server room is absolutely critical to then remove that heat from the room.

Read the article to see the result!

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