The left just don’t get humour

James Sleep is back bloggging. I assumed that his parents had caught up with what he was doing and put a stop to it, but maybe not. I would say from my experience that running a blog is not something I would ever let a child do – the spam you get is just diabolical, bottom trawling stuff.

James posts on lowering the voting age. The vast majority of the post is Sue Bradford’s press release. But get the last paragraph:

I Read a very interesting article in the NZ Herald today from a political scientist that believes the Voting age should really be raised to 35…..I think that is bloody rediculous[sic] personally. But I thought It was very interesting.

“That Guy” is well known for his intellectial commentary, so it’s certainly odd to find anyone who thinks his comments are “rediculous”. Clearly James was sent to bed before “Sports Cafe” came on.

Perhaps the Herald should follow Jordan’s suggestion?

The furthest the rules should perhaps go, is in some kind of non obtrusive note that a piece is satire. Usually it is bloody obvious, but sometimes it’s not. Just to highlight to some of the community who are just not interested in politics, that there is “more than meets the eye!” in the content they are seeing.

Heh, it’s been well known for some time that Jordan doesn’t recognise his blog is a joke. Turns out he has trouble recognising any jokes at all.


  1. My dear Master Sleep

    If you intend to be a great communicator one day, or even a modest communicator, it would pay you first to study the language.

    ‘I read in the NZ Herald today a very interesting article by a political scientist who believes the voting age should really be raised to 35. Personally, I think that is bloody ridiculous but I thought it was very interesting.’

    It’s these little things that set you apart as being three chapters short of a book.

    It’s bad enough having to put upwith phil u’s tortured and unpunctuated verbage with nary a capital anywhere, without having to stub my toe over your litter of capitals where none should be. I hope to God you and he never breed.

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