Remove the spin, and what are you left with?

Here’s a great quote from IS at No Right Turn.

As for why Labour thinks this is a problem, it is worth remembering that they received $315,000 in anonymous funding in the lead-up to the last election – a third of their total. They’re as corrupt and addicted to money as National.

Given NRT’s (and a large part of the left’s) automatically assumes that the Right is corrupt (otherwise how would such evil people ever get elected?) saying Labour is “as corrupt” as National is quite a statement.

He’s effectively admitting that a government he likes is in power, and planning to stay in power, by corrupt means. Quite a statement for the left to make about themselves.

Labour’s own friends are turning on them. Time to go.

Then, we have this video from Just Left.

It’s quite unremarkable, if you look at what is actually being said and ignore the breathless commentary.

But Jordan describes it as a “… look into the kooky world of College Republicans. … Scary stuff”.

If it scares you, I suggest you get professional help. If you think it’s kooky, you need a lot of professional help.

The claim is that it shows that the College Republicans are “not willing to put their money where their mouth is”.  That’s because, of all the people there, none were in Iraq.

Yes, that is impossible by definition.

So, Labour is as corrupt as National, only more so because they’re writing a law to continue a practice opposed even by those who used it last time, even though they condemned that practice as corrupt many, many times. And republicans are kooky because there are some who are not in the trenches in Iraq. Never mind that thousands are.
And they wonder why they loose elections.

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