Where Did Key Live?

Tony points out Pete Hodgson’s press release where he tries to stir up trouble against John Key. Seems that there’s potential funny business over the matter of where Mr Key lived for a while – the electoral office was told one thing, the companies office another.

Tony wonders if the media will notice. I predict: No. The media are too busy reporting how Clark has destroyed trans-Tasman relations over the most petty thing imaginable.

Of course, Tony is able to give the exact penalty for breaching the Companies Act…

The penalties under the Companies Act for providing misleading or fraudulent statements include up to five years imprisonment or a $200,000 fine. This is over the threshold at which an MP must step down from Parliament.

… because David Parker was had up for breaching that same act a few months back. Funny how he got away with it.

I guess Key’ll have to get the same treatment as Parker – otherwise it would make Shane Arden’s case look all the more suspicious. Prosecuting only the opposition’s crimes tends to have that effect…

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