Madeleine McCann

For those who haven’t really followed the McCann case where a little girl has been missing in Portugal since May 3rd, the Herald have a good article today.

If the parents did not do anything, their lives just went from terrible to hell. Having your kid just go missing then being charged with it is unthinkable.

Time will tell if that is the case. Certainly there are some troubling aspects.

Every night, say the McCanns, they would put the children down at 7pm-7.30pm, and at an unknown time leave them sleeping in the apartment. At 8.30pm on May 3, they arrived for a meal at a nearby tapas bar with their friends. They chose not to use the resort’s creche or a babysitter. The apartment’s french windows are believed to have been unlocked. There have been unsubstantiated suggestions the McCanns sedated Madeleine, who was sometimes difficult at bedtime, and allegations that a syringe was found in the apartment. The family deny that. They say there was a dropper, used to give medicine to children, kids, and agree they sometimes gave a mild infant painkiller to the children. Reports, never denied, that the McCanns’ younger children did not wake in all the commotion after the raising of the alarm has fed suspicions that they might have been sedated. One piece of circumstantial evidence is the claim of a barman in Lagos, 8km away, that he saw the McCanns in the town one night without their children. The McCanns deny this.


  1. The sedation, if any would have been done by an abductor to keep her quiet as she was seized – not by a mother putting her child to bed. The barman in Lagos sounds a great witness, no doubt a Police informer for money – or maybe presnted by the apedophile syndicate who carried out the abduction.

  2. I think before you start accusing the barman of something you need to put some proof where your mouth is.

  3. How many child killings/gone missing happen each year in Britain? Last year more than 800 as far as I am concerned, and where are your comments on this? Where are your comments about the British Police when they can not solve any of these cases?
    Just for the record, Portugal is one of the SAFEST places in the World to live in or to go on a holiday. I would also like to remind you that it was not the Portuguese Police who left the 3 children alone to go to the restaurant, while there was FREE baby-sitting facilities!
    The forensic analysis are underway in BIRMINGHAM, one of the BEST forensic labs in the World!
    By the way: Portuguese NEVER leave children alone to go to a Restaurant, our family ties are a lot stronger than in Northern Europe! We don’t even consider going on a holiday without our children!

  4. Suddenly we have to hold two entirely contradictory thoughts in our head at the same time. For the McCanns have now either suffered the cruellest fate imaginable – not only to have innocently lost their beloved daughter but also to have been publicly accused of a wicked crime – or they are guilty of the most elaborate and heinous confidence trick in history, deceitfully winning the trust and sympathy of the world’s media, a British prime minister, the wife of the American president and even the Pope, to say nothing of international public opinion.

    One of these statements, both extraordinary, describes the truth. As a senior tabloid journalist put it : “They’re either the victims of a horrible smear which they will never fully escape or they are cold, psychotic killers” responsible for the death of their own child.

    It is alleged that Mrs McCann wasn’t coping well with her hyperactive kids and sedated them to get them to sleep. This could explain why the twins didn’t wake in the event of an intruder taking Madeleine. Equally it could be that Madeleine was overdosed accidentally

    What better way to distract attention from the parents other than to get a PR company involved in a media circus?

    I don’t have access to evidence but my gut tells me something stinks here

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