Cuba, Still A Communist Dictatorship (Duh)

Looks like ABC got a reminder of what life in Cuba is really like.

After they talked about the state of the Cuban health system, their Havana bureau got a phone call

According to Babalu Blog’s Henry Gomez, Stossel posted an email on his “20/20” page that revealed Cuba’s meddling:

Last week’s piece featuring Cuba’s health care system caused quite a reaction. It was just a small snippet to introduce my special “Whose Body Is It, Anyway? Sick in America,” which will air this Friday at 10 p.m. EDT. I’ll send another e-mail Thursday with more about that.

The Cuban government reacted swiftly. The Central Committee met to discuss the “case” and then called members of the ABC Cuban bureau in for questioning. That’s all I have until the ABC foreign desk tells us more…

There’s no more information as to whether ABC went, or if they ignored the demand. In addition, the original email is no longer posted on, and no other news agency has reported the story. Google shows only Babalu has the email now. Not even ABC’s competitors reported the Cuban government may be interfering with an American news agency.

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