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“In his prison, Cai was forced to make soccer 10 to 12 hours a day for the 2008 Beijing Olympics,” said a CAA spokesperson.

For the full story on Cai Zhuohua visit ASSIST News Service

Also have a look at the new version of the Olympic Rings:

It is so good to know that the 2008 Olympics are being proudly brought to us by Re-education through Labour! That makes me feel real good about the Olympics – not!

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  1. do you think the best way to change China is by boycotting or by going there and showing them a new world?


  2. That argument was used by Pepsi over a decade ago in Burma. Pepsi did leave eventually, but there still is lots of other foreign investment. There is good reason to put pressure on China through the Olympics. It is unlikely that lots of Olympic tourists will cause a change in the Chinese leadership. However, leaving a messy legacy behind might. See:

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