More Public Transport in Provincial Centers

Yes, that’s what Jeanette wants. Yesterday as part of her “I can’t say anything, but here’s what I have to say” interview, Jeanett Fitzsimons actually suggested that we put more public transport in places like Oamaru*.

Think about that. You can walk the length of that town in 1 hour. I recently waited for a bus for longer than that long in a much bigger town, and the one that did come past didn’t stop. Somehow I doubt that people are going to wait those sorts of times, plus the walk time to the bus stop (which will be considerable in many cases), plus all the time the bus takes winding through a route that fails to get close to where anyone actually lives, when they can get in the car and be there in 5 minutes with ample free parking. Not to mention paying twice the cost of the petrol.

One does wonder at what point liberals will stop and think about what they are suggesting, instead of treating certain things as sacred ideas, that have no drawbacks or cost/benefit trade-offs.

*She didn’t actually say Oamaru, but for some reason it’s always the town that comes to mind when people use the word “provincial”.

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