Christian Parties

So as soon as the Christian party is announced, it starts to fall apart.

In this case it is the fault of Destiny screwing around, but it was going to happen no matter what. Let me explain.

About 15% of NZ’ers think they’d vote for a christian party. What they really mean is, they’d vote for their ideal christian party. And where do they find out how ideal a party is? From the 85% of people who would not support one.

What is more, a very large chunk of that 85% hate the very concept of Christians organising themselves into organised opposition to anything. They’re the ones you see blaming religion for all the world’s ills. If you don’t believe me, just cast your mind back to the “gosh, we should have checked out these people” comments from the media when United Future finally got a few into parliament – and those Christians were supposed to be the moderates.

The fact that Field and Destiny are involved here is incidental. If they weren’t screwing it up for Copeland, you can bet the media would just pull out file footage of Capill. Audry Young demonstrates this mindset: (Yes, he missed a vote he had no chance of wining, and gave National his proxy vote. Wopee)

His own resignation from United Future back in May was always going to take some beating – he left because of the anti-smacking bill but then missed the final vote against it later that night. He resigned to become an independent and then gave his vote to National saying he wanted to become its “49th MP.”

So Gordon, welcome to the real world of Christian Political Parties. Everyone hates you. Get used to it (if you aren’t already).

Update: Dave’s nailed it.


Gordon Copeland is a good MP who has been sucked into an arrangement by a bunch of ego-tripping idiots who couldn’t arrange a pissup in a brewery, let alone a conference to communicate basic information to the media. Destiny didn’t even bother to let Copeland know of details of a media conference that involved the announcement of a party where Copeland is co-leader. And because they didn’t tell Copeland that they were going to announce Lewis as leader they decided not to announce Copeland as leader either.

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