Who said this?

Heard on Morning Report this morning. Only a council bureaucrat could come up with tripe like this!

Q – …it’s only twelve caravans isn’t it, to stay there?

A – Um, Corin, we believe and, and the, uh, preferred operators also believe, but I have to stress that this is a matter between council and, um, the the previous operators so to speak.

We believe that the presence of permanent caravans and owners has an impact on how the temporary campers feel. And we believe that it is really important to increase the number of temporary campers, and so we’re looking to go back to the very beginning, in terms of, um, how people…

Q – [interrupting] So just exp.., sorry just to clarify that again… you don’t like what, in what way are the permanent campers, what are they in some way scaring other campers off?

A – Oh, I think it would be an exaggeration to say they’re scaring them, but certainly the feedback that we get is that there is an air of exclusion, that, that occurs when permanent campers are in any facility and it has an impact on the sites that are available, um, their familiarity and ease with which they move around the facility has an impact on, on overnight and short-stay campers… um, and and we’re really wanting to get back to those short term campers.

You just have to wonder what is going through this persons head, when they talk about getting rid of long-term customers just because they’re familiar with the place.

Sure, I feel uncomfortable when people are like this, but that’s really a minor thing. If you feel like that, grow up because you’re going to find that in every dairy, pub, service station, fast food joint, supermarket, bank that you come across in your travels. In fact, why are you travelling, if not to see the places other people live in?

Really, you have to wonder what goes through the heads of these people, when you hear the minor things they put first sometimes.

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