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Genuinely Stupid?

No Right Turn writes:

Via The Standard, it seems that DPF now has his own digital stalkers, in the form of Kiwiblogblog, a blog devoted to discussing his postings. [I seem to recall this is not news, he’s had this for years – S1] Like its source material, much of it is pretty dull [dull = sensible], but it does raise a good question in one of its early posts, How long will Kiwiblog survive a Nat Govt?

Opposition is the bread and butter of political blogging – firstly, because it provides a strong motivation to actually post, and secondly because it is very easy to do a post in the style of “X said Y, and it’s a dumb idea because…” But what does an Opposition blogger do when their preferred party becomes the government, and their preferred policies are being implemented? What do they have left to disagree with?

Actually, given the way any government works, quite a lot. But if the content of your blog is entirely encapsulated by the phrase “bloody government”, your party getting elected rather robs you of material.

So, a change of government (whenever it happens) is likely to see a shakeup in the blogosphere. One welcome change is likely to be the disappearance of many of the sewer trolls, whose visceral hatred has been stoked to fever-pitch by eight years of left-wing government. But we’ll also no doubt see casualties among the more respectable blogs as well, as people find they lack the daily motivation to post. I don’t think DPF will be one of them, however; as the unofficial mouthpiece of National on the Net, he’ll be kept busy promulgating an endless succession of press releases and spin, much as he does now.

One really has to wonder if the writer of this blog is simply stupid. He clearly has not got the foggiest idea as to why Kiwiblog is popular.

Also bear in mind that the guy saying this from the position of broadly supporting those in power – in other words, he’s living proof that his own thesis is not true!

Kiwiblog is popular because it encompasses several areas commonly blogged on: Politics, Computers and great stories. David has good writing skills, posts frequently, and has good inside knowledge on several areas. But what really sets him apart on the political front is that he does what Tony and Jordan have failed miserably on: not slavishly following the party line.

He has his own ideas, and he expresses them freely. David tells us where he differs from the general thread of National’s policies, he actually embraces these differences. He’s prepared to criticise policy, people and processes within his own party even as he works in it. While NRT accuses DPF of parroting National’s points, in some cases the opposite has occurred – Don Brash was known to repeat information off David’s posts!

Contrast this to Jordan who (and trust me, I once read almost 10 months of his blog in one go) only ever hints at differences with his party. Jordan’s blog is so closely aligned with the Labour party that I feel genuinely sorry for him. He supports every policy, repeats every talking point. The only exception to this was when Jordan posted his opinions on the Electoral Finance Bill, but this was quickly followed up the next day with a post that made very sure that people knew he was “with the party on this one”.

But here’s the real kicker: Jordan got so sick of people’s frank opinions on his posts that he turned off comments. So did NRT. But Jordan turned his on. DPF has only ever restricted his commenting policy in the fact of having no other alternative – the most recent crackdown has been in response to legal action.

It’s this openness to dialog and opposing ideas which is the real strength of Kiwiblog, and the reason this is posted here is because those opposing ideas are what No Right Turn refuses to listen to to.

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  1. We don’t take umbridge.

    By the way, we are simply stupid or stupidly simple – it really depends on who you talk to.

    Proud to have your negative endorsement.

    Lots of love – Icky Stinky and all your other fans at

  2. ickystinky’s soft.

    You say “openeness to dialogue”, I say you’ve got to be kidding mate? Props to you for your views, but don’t tell me Farrar’s “not sticking to the party line”, he’s employed by them, works for them, votes for them, spruiks for them, sucks up and takes it for the cause… he is anything but impartial and open minded. If it looks that way, its cause redbaiter and D4J are nutters.

  3. [deleted – keep it civil people.]

  4. Mardypants.

    I’m not kidding. David allow discussion on pretty much anything.

    I’m well aware that he “follows the party line” to some extent – you’d have to be a fool to think that he’s not. Heck, I root for the cause of the right too and they don’t employ me. But David feels free to differ and criticise, and that’s what gives his blog strength.

    Heck, that’s what gives the right as a whole strength.

    If you want impartial open-mindedness, go hug a tree because blogs aren’t going to do it for you.

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