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The Wrong Crowd

NRT really gets on my wick with this one.

So, John Key wants to boost the government subsidy to profit-making private schools while allowing the private sector to build and operate public schools.

Actually, I think he’s wanting to play on the social consciences of his rich mates, and get the country’s new schools for a song. I mean, what better for ones’ public image than gifting a school to the nation for a peppercorn rent?

Does anyone detect a theme here?

Aside from the “National is the Greatest Evil to Ever Strike Mankind”?

Despite having lost three elections in a row,

They lost power after 9 years, that hardly counts. They lost one in 2002, and the last one was purchased by the Labour party in 6 ways from Sunday, but let’s not split hairs.

and seen their extreme free market agenda defeated in every election since 1990 (but unfortunately imposed anyway through deceit and the distortions of FPP),

Yea, winning the most votes in an area is a real pain. Just like winning the first MMP election in 1996. Guess we’d better ask Jim Anderton what we should have done in 1993. Oh wait…

the National Party has learned nothing

Got to admit, he’s actually got a bit of a point there

and forgotten nothing

This from a guy who doesn’t remember 1993 or 1996!

and still wants to drag us back to the 90’s.

Was that the 90’s in 1990, where the Labour country was driven from power after driving the country closer than ever to bankruptcy? Or was it the difficult and unpopular but necessary decisions made by the National government that finally delivered the economy to a new Labour government just in time for them to take credit?

Oh, the worst of it is supposedly gone – Key now eschews bulk funding,

Yes, pity how a good idea gets dropped when it comes packages with a thousand screaming banshees from the teacher’s unions.

just as he denies any plans for full sell-offs of state assets (except for Solid Energy, and LandCorp, and anything else his rich mates want)

Never mind that the plan was to list on the share market, so mum and dads could have something to invest their semi-compulsory Kiwisaver money into.

– but OTOH given the deceit exposed in their health policy (which somehow failed to mention that it would be leaving doctor’s fees to the market), can we really trust them on that?

That would be the policy of getting rid of massive bureaucracy from Doctor’s offices? The policy that keeps prices down to a point where some rural locations have no GPs. The policy that approves most applications. Let’s fact it, if the costs of the policy were to be removed, most GPs wouldn’t need to increase their fees more than 4% or so.

As for the policies themselves, they follow National’s current policy agenda of looting the state.

Sure beats looting the people.

Increased subsidies for private schools means higher profits for their owners

But we won’t mention subsidies that Home Schoolers provide the government, oh no. That just wouldn’t be right, pointing out the thousands of dollars saved, in exchange for a few hundred dollars of home school allowancse. Not to mention the vastly better outcomes that both homeschoolers and private schoolers have.

Hm, I wonder who pays those higher taxes what’re now providing the majority of the personal tax take these days? Hm. Have to think that one over…

and lower fees for the snobs who choose to exclude their children from the state system in an effort to perpetuate privilege

Yes, no one should get ahead of anyone else. Everyone must wear grey, size 6.

But seriously, if private school didn’t make a surplus, they would be unable to offer scholarships to bright but poor students, as many do. Funny how socialists always see what they don’t get, rather than seeing how the rich over-pay for much of what they get, with much of the extra going to the poor. No, we must all be equal, no matter what that might mean!

Less funny is the way that poor students are now forced to go to their local school, rather than being able to go to a school that will unlock their potential. All thanks to Labour’s zoning policy!

and avoid them “falling in with the wrong crowd”(i.e. ordinary New Zealanders).

Some parents actually take their responsibilities seriously. “falling in with the wrong crowd” is not something that can be taken lightly by many parents in this country. I know one young man who had good prospects, until he came under the wing of another boy, who was smart enough to get others to do his dirty work.

That promising young man now has a police record and has been expelled from school. Luckily, others are willing to sacrifice from their personal expenses and pay for him to attend a good private school.

So excuse me if I am disgusted by your crass comments here.

And renting school properties means giving their owners a perpetual, risk-free revenue stream, while forcing the government to pay an inflated price to cover not just the cost of building the school, but also the owner’s profit.

In reality, any profiteering is unlikely due to the extreme negative publicity. Most people would see owning a school as a privilege, and a social benefit rather than a money making venture. Besides which, any competent (read: National) government is going to lock down such contracts tighter than a drum.

As with their health, aged-care and privatisation polices,

And if you follow the links, you can read his hateful, unproven conspiracy theory screeds on these policies too…

it’s all about redirecting state revenue into the private pockets of National’s donors and cronies, and if it happened in Indonesia, we’d make no bones about calling it exactly what it is: corruption and crony capitalism.

Judging by the last election (specifically the Auditor General’s report) and the Electoral Finance Bill, corruption is the least of our worries under a National Government.

I’m also yet to understand just how a small government, awarding few and small contracts is capable of “crony capitalism” as opposed to a government who’s spending like money’s going out of fashion. (One more plus for tax cuts!) Need I mention a certain contract awarded for building a certain waterfront stadium?

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