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No Right Turn links to this article, decrying Nicaragua’s abortion laws. The article starts with a story about an eptopic pregnancy, then goes on to claim 82 deaths caused by the law.

This is the cost of the Catholic Church’s absolutist position on abortion. And like any policy which denies basic medical care, it is tantamount to murder.


If I were a doctor in this situation, even as a full blown abortion opponent, this is a no-brainer – an ectopic pregnancy is unquestionably never going to produce a baby, and the mother will die if the baby if it is not removed. It would be unethical to not operate.

But according to the article, no one did.

So either we have some very unethical doctors here, or this unashamedly pro-abortion article is lying.

It’s not like the country has no pro-abortion activists. There’s even a photo of them fighting people in the middle of a church service. Here’s the caption on the photo:

Members of a Nicaraguan feminist group fight with Catholic faithful during a mass inside a cathedral in Managua.

Funny how the article doesn’t dwell on that.

In New Zealand, we have an abortion exception for the mental health of the mother. That exception is the loophole under which all abortions are performed in this country. Nicaragua has clearly gotten sick of people flouting the law so they can commit murder, so they’ve done away with all abortions, full stop.

Clearly, the doctors who were so keen to kill before have now decided to keep killing to make their point, only now they’re killing the ones they claim to have been “helping” previously.

Update: Found this in another NRT source:

The same official acknowledged that not all medical personnel have reacted in this way: “If there had been a complete denial of services to women then, at this point, we would have seen a real surge in maternal deaths [and we haven’t].”

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