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I think the headline says it all. But that never stopped me from saying more now, did it?

For a party that hated the thought of a single slap on the hand of a child, their people are throwing an awful lot of punches lately.

But it’s long been my observation of the left that the rules are only to be followed when they do not compromise the cause. Often not even then.

I haven’t heard anything about Rodney’s efforts, but here’s my prediction.

  1. The matter will be ruled out of order by Wilson
  2. The police will say that it was dealt with by Parliament

The details might be a bit different, but I firmly believe that, in spite of the cast-iron case nothing will be done about this and it will be quickly and firmly swept under the carpet just like every other incident that’s happened since Labour came to power, where Labour’s people have been in the wrong.

Update: Well, that was quick. No1 crossed off the list. We’ll see what the Police do, their response is somewhat less predictable.

Before Parliament began, Ms Wilson issued the letter she had written to Mr Hide rejecting his privileges complaint over the stoush.

She said the ACT Party leader did not raise the matter in time and had not done it the right way.

“If a member wishes to have the Speaker refer the matter to the Privileges Committee, the member must act immediately.

“This you failed to do,” she said.

Ms Wilson said the question of whether the Speaker’s control should be extended beyond the chamber was a matter for the standing orders committee to consider.

Comments on: "The Left Loves Violence, so long as it’s not Reasonable" (1)

  1. The statute of limitations is only a few days when it comes to anything the Labour Party are involved in.

    Wilson’s basically found Rodney guilty of a serious crime – bureaucratic snafu. On par with submitting a GST return a few days late, so I’m not surprised he wasn’t arrested and taken off for a good beating.

    Whether Mallard is innocent of a serious crime is something that will never be tested. Apparently, he must have filled out the right forms for fisticuffs.

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