Sue ‘Em Both!!!

I heard Sue Kedgley talking yesterday about her “Flexible Working Hours” Bill.  She commented on the need for families to have have more “family time”.  Well that’s interesting, is it not…  She belongs to a party that supports mums in the workforce and babies in daycare.  And now she wants families to have more family time.  Ok…  I don’t have a problem with flexible working hours, but… but nothing from the Greens could be any good for families.

But this is worse:

Today I heard that our beloved Sue Bradford is advocating for mums in jail to have their babies for two years!!!  what??!!!  (Actually I have heard that one before.  Not sure if it was from her or someone else – but it doesn’t matter much.)  Here is a woman that brought in anti-smaking legislation so that legitimately good parents can have their kids taking off them while potential child abusers may get to have their babies in jail for two whole years! (Sorry, I am not saying all jailed mums are child abusers but what ever they are in jail for/jail-life in general can’t be good for the overall welfare of the baby – and the first two years are supposed to be the most important.) One has to wonder sometimes…

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  1. Once they have separated father from mother, and punished the family severely, they can be magnanimous in their mercy.

    Or at least, they use situations such as this as incontrovertible proof of their divine mercy.

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