Wayne Brown, the untold story

It appears the Wayne Brown, the mayor of mayors, is a bully.

What’s he done, that wonderful man who told his council to serve the people? What?

Um, he told them to serve the people.

The Public Service Association has accused Far North Mayor Wayne Brown of “insulting and threatening’ its members in his maiden speech.

Mr Brown was sworn in as Far North Mayor on Monday and started his tenure with a hard-hitting speech that contained a blunt warning to council staff – he expected a “massive change in behaviour and attitude”.

In his speech Mr Brown said council staff would have to “listen, ring back, help ratepayers not hinder, look for solutions not arguments, never threaten, insult, infuriate or demonise.” Those who could not or would not make the change would have to re-examine their involvement, he said.

But the PSA, which has 90 members among Far North District Council staff, said the staff were shocked the new mayor began his first term by insulting and threatening them. “Staff at the Far North council are deeply disappointed that Mr Brown has begun his mayoralty by insulting and threatening them without any justification,” PSA national secretary Brenda Pilott said.

“The council staff are part of the community. Most are ratepayers themselves. They have a good relationship with the people they serve and with the council’s management. This is why they’re deeply disappointed that in his first act as the new mayor Mr Brown has chosen to attack their integrity and threaten their jobs.”

Ms Pilott said Mr Brown’s abuse and threats were uncalled for and unnecessary as the staff and PSA supported his goals of improving the council’s performance to the benefit of all ratepayers and residents in the Far North.

“But these goals will not be achieved by bullying and abusing council staff,” she said.

Ms Pilott said the message from the council staff to Mr Brown was that he needed to abandon his confrontational approach.

But Mr Brown is making no apologies, saying his statements were consistent with his election campaign. “The public voted heavily in my support, the remarks were received with huge applause at the meeting, and there has been tremendous support in all the media for the stand I have taken. Talkback radio all over New Zealand has today been asking their mayors to give their councils the same messages,’ he said.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride!


  1. Prick wandered down the road after meeting council staff in Kaikohe to the local bar with a few staff.He then proceeded to talk to the bar maid in a totally rude and disrespectable way.
    What an arse.

  2. “listen, ring back, help ratepayers not hinder, look for solutions not arguments, never threaten, insult, infuriate or demonise.”

    Where is any insult in the above? Good on him for telling staff where he stands from the get go.

    More like they feel threatened because staff might actually have to provide a core deliverable called service.

    NZ needs another 80 of his mould.

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