The House from Hell

Michael J. Totten has a story from Fallujah. It’s not pretty reading one bit – there’s some particularly gruesome descriptions of hand to hand combat.

It’s a grim reminder of what it’s really like on the front lines of war. To say the guy is lucky to be alive is vastly under stating what happened.

The fighting was grisly and horrific at best, but one house was particularly nightmarish. Insurgents had set up the perfect death trap where they were shielded behind concrete barriers. Any soldiers who entered would walk straight into the kill zone.

In the kitchen, we found drugs and U.S. Army-issue auto injectors. They had been full of atropine and epinephrine. The muj inside the house had shot the drug directly into their hearts. It acted like PCP – angel dust – and kept them going long after my bullets should have killed them.

In another section of that house, I found a pouch with a Hezbollah insignia. At least some of the six men inside were Shia, not the radical Sunni we were told were so prevalent in the Al Qaeda-dominated Anbar Province. Somebody else found documents from the Palestinian Authority amid the debris upstairs

What’s more, they had a CNN reporter embedded with them, right in the middle of a fight where entire houses were setup as massive bombs. That’s gutsy. What a pity the rest of CNN isn’t like that.

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