China’s Olympic Lie Part 1, 2 and 3


I just had to post these videos, and now that scrubone is blogging again… Should NZ athletes attend the Beijing Olympics? Why would any democratic country want to if they saw these videos? Then again with the EFB right in our face at the mo, we are not exactly a great example of a democratic country ourselves, thanks to Aunty Helen and her unruly brood! At least we know that when we watch the Olympics (if we bother watching it) it wont be the real Beijing that we see. The real Beijing will be hidden from view ordinary citizens who dared complain against the government will be locked away, so that all we will get to see is a fake Beijing, pretending that the Olympics is a roaring success in a happy and prosperous city. I pray NZ never becomes that corrupt.

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  1. What EFB protest March the other day? It was a celebration of the benign providence granted to us by Miss Helen Clark (PBUH)

    Actually, this stuff is just so sad, and I’m at a loss as what to do. I suspect with the Olympics in Beijing, we’ll see far more than had it not been there, and maybe America’s Hollywood actors could stop Bush bashing for 10 minutes to raise further awareness.

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