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Follow the link is fun over at No Right Turn

While National has said they won’t try and fillibuster and that they will instead be constructive, given the tenor of their proposed amendments, I’ll believe that when I see it.

That link reveals…

National’s dirty little secret – the thing they never tell you while screaming about how evil it is for MPs to be able to spend public money on telling people how to raise issues with them – is that the biggest beneficiary of such funding is… the National Party. Which adds a whole new layer of hypocrisy to their already appallingly unprincipled behaviour.

And that is?

This is simply the height of hypocrisy. Why? Firstly, because despite all their screaming about Labour’s pledge card, in May this year they were perfectly happy to put out one of their own, implicitly (but not explicitly) seeking support for the National Party, and bearing the Parliamentary crest – precisely the behaviour they supposedly object to (yet another case of one law for all – for everyone but National).

Actually, National object to an election-promise card being published in the 3 months leading up to an election. Which makes the rather general leaflet they published 18 months out. But we digress…

Note the presence of both a smiling Don Brash, and a Parliamentary Crest, indicating that this was paid for from National’s Parliamentary Services budget. I’m not sure when exactly I received this – possibly it was before the election had been announced, as part of National’s pre-election campaign in which they spent millions outside of their election spending cap. But content-wise, it clearly appears to encourage or persuade voters to vote for National, just as the pledge-card did for Labour. “One law for all, for everyone but National” again, it seems…

So we continue down the rabbit hole and hit rock bottom. The chain of self-referencing National hatred ends, and we are left with an outside link. And what a link.

For the past year, National has been screaming about Labour’s use of its Parliamentary Services budget to fund its pledge cards. But it turns out they did exactly the same thing back in 2002, and published a pledge list of their own, at election time, funded from their leader’s budget.

So this all comes back to a single Scoop page. Let’s see…

  1. It’s from the Labour party
  2. It’s for the previous election
  3. The election where National got slaughtered
  4. It’s from Labour, complaining about a single “pledge card” that no one can remember, when we all remember 3 of theirs, all illegal.
  5. Labour then went on to make that pledge card legal, along with all the rest.
  6. It even challenges Don Brash over events that happened before he was even in parliament!

In short, if ever there was a press release that made Labour look bad in their own words, that’s it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Left – dig hard enough through the insults, and they just end up insulting your intelligence.

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  1. Not to mention that following the 2002 election, spending rules were tightened, and the Auditor General warned the parties of the need to respect the tighter’ laws in the 2005 election.

    They were laws that Labour deliberately ignored, and later retrospectively validated their illegal spending to avoid any penalty.

  2. […] of all, when you follow the self-referencing links of hatred, he ends up quoting irrelevant labour party spin, that never never had any credibility from the […]

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