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You can’t make this stuff up.

For those who have forgotten, RedWatchNZ was a neo-Nazi hate site which aimed to “build a catalogue of information and pictures of the Left”, including names, addresses, phone numbers, photographs, and pictures of their houses. They closed down early in 2007, something no-one was very sad about. Now, it seems Whale Oil has decided to move into their vacant niche, beginning a series exposing personal details of left-wing figures, starting with John Minto.

So there were Nazis, and now there’s whaleoil? Sadly No.

The post (by Whale Oil’s new blogger, is about John “Property rights are for the rich” Minto. See post here for my dissection of his column. Suffice to say that John believes the poor are worse off for the ability to own property.

So it would come as quite an item of interest to learn that John himself is quite the magnate. Eddy’s work reveals that John is quite happily exploiting the rights he opposes, to the estimated tune of $650,000. “A cheap, nasty, hypocritical, hollow little man who plots to foist untold poverty – poverty he neither knows nor has known – upon New Zealand by resurrecting the failed Socialist model of a command economy.”

Indeed. I don’t condone stalking anyone, but when you’re operating at this level of hypocrisy someone sooner or later is going to say something.

Contrast that with a blog where every post ended with “we hate the Jews” and you can see just how utterly ridiculous this assertion is.

I’ve been worried for a while about the radicalisation of the right in New Zealand. The “mainstream” National Party seemed to have a conscious tactic last year of whipping up hate and pandering to the worst elements of the sewer. Well, this is where it gets them: hatelists and hitlists and people behaving like low-grade National Front thugs. And to those objecting to the comparison, I have only one thing to say: if you don’t want to be compared to Nazis, don’t behave like them.

Indeed, let’s see..

Worst of all, when you follow the self-referencing links of hatred, he ends up quoting irrelevant labour party spin, that never never had any credibility from the second it was published.

Fact is, if there’s radicalisation in New Zealand politics in any blog, it’s at No Right Turn. Ever since he turned off comments, he’s become more hateful and more and more radical. He will quite happily assign the worst negative label possible to anyone who happens to stand up and actually promote conservative politics, even for the most successful policies that save money and deliver superior results.

No, if it’s anything to the right, it’s pure evil – evidence be dammed. If you can put in some vague, implied reference to Nazis, so much the better.

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