Feminists are determined to wear men’s pants despite the obvious fact that they don’t quite fit.

The only thing I have to say about abortion is this: abstain from sex if you don’t want to get pregnant!  Abstention is the only way!  Pro abortionists have so many excuses for abortion because they can’t live without their nightly “fix”.  And if pregnancy ends up being the result, then abortion has to be the cure.  I get sick and tired of it all.  They come across as selfish and uncaring about anything except their own rights, masqueraded as women’s rights all in the name of feminism, while all along, women have always had the right to be themselves without the pressure of having to aspire nedlessly to much higher levels than they were created to obtain. It is all so clear: FEMINISM KILLED WOMEN’S RIGHTS!

Feminism is responsible for making women feel like they have to be a certain someone, reach beyond that benchmark that was previously unattainable, break through the glass ceiling – so to speak, put off what their bodies have been preparing them to do – ie have kids, and above all putting on man’s pants and pretending that we can still be women!  How sad is that!  It just end’s up being a messed up world and nobody wants to live in a messed up world, now do they?  I sure don’t.   And I bet men don’t either.

Question: How have men survived all of this?

Aside from wanting their pants back, I am sure they all dream of a day when true feminism will thrive.

True feminism is of course what always existed from the time of Eve.  She was created to be a companion and helper to Adam.  Her role was unique and special and different from Adam’s.  She was the way God intended her to be, and the way that God has intended all women to be.  Any feminist who reads this might think I mean for women to be slaves and subservient to men. That’s not what it’s all about.  Eve was no slave.  But she did commit the first sin and from that time on her desire has been for her husband, or in this day and age her partner or  employer or colleague. In other words any man that seems a threat to her.  The point being: women have become unsatisfied with their lot and desire what men have.

If women cannot be content in their role as women, it is because they have neglected God’s perfect plan for their lives and are self-focused.  It becomes a me-me-me world, classified under yet more women’s rights in the feminists book of dribble.  Women can obtain so much more if they stop trying to obtain the unobtainable.  Feminists will never be content.  But a true feminist can live a contented life by working hard at what ever God has planned for her, whether it is a career or marriage with kids or both.

Answer: Men are left pondering what manhood is all about whilst trying to wrestle their pants back off the overbearing feminists and thinking: is it all worth it?  Maybe I should just surrender, and let the feminists have it their way?

Now that would be a bad idea.  It would be like hundreds of rats falling from a collapsing ceiling all at once and running  in the same direction with the same goal in mind (Ratatouille gave me inspiration for that little bit – good movie if you haven’t seen it!).  But it is all too late, isn’t it?  Feminists have long been running wild, like rats, devouring what is rightful man’s.

The thing is, feminist will never win, nor will it die out.  It will, however, continue to be a sad and false view of how women should be.  And as long as all this exists, feminism will keep abortion alive and abortion will continue to be a shameful crime.

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  1. What in God’s name is this B.S.? The only thing that i agree with is that Ratatouille is a good movie. besides that are you saying that all women can aspire to is having kids and possibly a job? why can’t women aspire to be more than their mothers? people like you should really think before you post B.S. like this. this article makes me sick! you should be ashamed.

  2. I agree with Asia. And your arguments? No. No. No. What is wrong with you? This makes me physically sick! All right so first off, I quote, ” Feminism is responsible for making women feel like they have to be a certain someone, reach beyond that benchmark that was previously unattainable, break through the glass ceiling.” Why can’t we break through the glass ceiling? Why on earth would we want to be trapped below this supposed glass ceiling? What feminists want is the same chance as every man has to break through this unobtainable barrier and accomplish everything we want in life. Must we really get started on abortion? WOMEN DO NOT USE ABORTION AS A METHOD OF BIRTH CONTROL! All right heres a scenario that actually happened…This woman was diagnosed with cancer. Her options would be to go through chemo after having an abortion (chemo would kill the baby) or have the baby. Is it really to a child’s benefit to be born to a woman with a time stamp? Abortion happens when there is no other option or some kind of health issue involved. Women don’t head to the abortion clinic with a light heart. It is a tough and painful decision. I am embarrassed you even call yourself a woman. I am disgusted with you.

  3. Women do use abortion as a method of birth control. Most of the abortions carried out have absolutely no medical reason to be carried out. They are done purely because the woman can’t be bothered with the interference in her life of having a child. Funny how women call men who want to escape their parental responsibilities “Dead Beat Dads” but reserve the right to escape their responsibilities, even if it means killing an unborn child to do it.

    With all the birth control methods available today, abortion should only be used when there is a medical reason for it…….failing that…….both parents should be forced to live up to the responsibility of having made a child………if they didn’t want it……….then they shouldn’t have……….this attitude is considered admirable when applied to men……..but rediculous when applied to women………talk about double standards

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