Snatching Babies

It used to be that babies were snatched by desperate mothers, jealous of others who were able to have children while they were not.

Nowadays, it’s the government that does it. In Britain they don’t even stay within the law sometimes.

Baby “G’s” distraught mother wept as a court ordered he should be taken away from her again and put into foster care.
The 18 year old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, broke down in tears and had to be supported by two relatives as she received the devastating news.
During a three day emotional roller-coaster for the mother, her baby has been snatched from her in hospital by social services two hours after birth, then dramatically returned to her later that day after a High Court judge ruled the officials had acted illegally as they did not have a court order.
After a further hearing before the Family Proceedings Court lasting five hours over two days, district judge Richard Inglis yesterday upheld an application by Nottingham City Council for an interim care order.
The case highlights the lack of transparency in the family courts, with the reasons behind the decision not being revealed to the public.”

Bold courtesy of Crusader Rabbit.

Well, that one may have been justified – for all we know this woman had 6 children and had abused them all. Not likely though.

Back home, a case on TV last night raised my eyebrow.

Curran had been out on bail at the time of the killing, awaiting trial, when he murdered Aaliyah. And that formed the heart of legal debate over how many years Curran should get. The judge also again outlined the dozens of injuries Curran had inflicted on Aaliyah’s body, as her parents quietly wept in court.

Afterwards, Brad Morrissey had little energy left for anger.

“I was hoping on 20 years plus and I got it, just. He misses out on some important events in his children’s life so I guess it’s a good thing, I suppose, if you can say that,” Morrissey said.

The Morrisseys also told the court of the joy of the birth of another little girl since Aaliyah’s death but questioned why she has been taken away by the authorities.

CYFS decided that Hoana and myself were not suitable parents to have Chivun in our house or lives because we had allowed Aaliyah to be placed in an unsafe environment with a murderer Michael Curran and his family,” said Brad Morrissey in his statement to the court.

That’s a battle the Morrisseys will continue to fight, knowing their first daughter’s murderer is staying behind bars for a very long time.

Once again, the “caring” arm of the state slaps those it’s supposed to help. After all, it’s hardly likely that these parents would make the same mistake twice. Clearly, they are going to have a hard time trusting anyone ever again.

I wonder what process declared these people “not suitable parents”? Somehow I doubt there was a court case involved, with full evidence and arguments from both sides, with appeals.


  1. A ridiculous state of affairs for the parents who are surely classed as victims!…government accountability? yeah right have another “TUI BEER”

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