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Rare Integrity on the Left

Integrity is rare on the left, while those on that side demanded it loudly, shrilly and often from conservatives.

However I am going to give credit where it is due – No Right Turn has consistently stood (often alone on the left) against David Benson-Pope.

Scary that this has been going on since 2005! Labour should be ashamed. Better yet they should look the word up and learn what it means – they’ve long since forgotten.

Update: As if to emphasise my point, Jordon blames the media. That’s harsh – but I guess he can’t blame the police or the victims of DBP’s antics while teaching high school.

The bit sad bit is about Benson-Pope. I think David’s record has been a pretty strong one, and if one sets aside the mistakes he has made over the years – and the malicious and devastating attacks he has been subject to by the media – then he would probably still be the Labour candidate and still in Cabinet. The fact that he is neither shows how serious his mistakes were. There is a basic level of accountability in politics – you are selected as the best nominee possible for the constituency you stand for. He has failed to meet that test on this occasion. His achievements (and they are considerable, in a range of responsibilities in the past nine years) deserve praise, but his mistakes have been the main part of what led to yesterday’s result.

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