Increasing Readership of Newspapers

If you hang around the right of the ‘sphere, you’ll notice people picking on the NY Times a lot. Frankly, they’re tanking, and it’s funny that this is happening at the same time that they’ve published several stories that are, to be frank, treason.

So what of this country?

Jordan started a post the other day in this fashion…

John Key is quoted in the National Party magazine Herald as saying:

So it was with some amusement that I noted this story.

Readership of the New Zealand Herald print edition is up strongly in the latest official survey.

The paper’s average daily readership rose to 568,000, up 21,000 readers a day last year over 2005, in the Nielsen survey released at noon today.

Combined figures for the country’s metropolitan papers show the Herald accounted for 21,000 of the 22,000 increase in average readership of city newspapers.

Readership was up every day, with biggest jumps on Monday and Thursday, the papers which include the new The Business and Timeout magazines introduced during the year.

In Auckland, the Herald increased readership by 18,000 a day to 386,000 — higher than the number of viewers for either main TV news in the city.

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