Corrections (Mothers with Babies) Amendment Bill 56-2 (2006), Members Bill

madcow2.gifJust a reminder, that Sue Bradford is still pushing her bill to have mother keep their babies in jail. (thanks to NRT for the tip)

Apparently it’s ok to remove a child from a parent if that parent is found not guilty.

But if that parent is guilty the child gets to stay with the mother.

Then there’s this case

The Morrisseys also told the court of the joy of the birth of another little girl since Aaliyah’s death but questioned why she has been taken away by the authorities.

CYFS decided that Hoana and myself were not suitable parents to have Chivun in our house or lives because we had allowed Aaliyah to be placed in an unsafe environment with a murderer Michael Curran and his family,” said Brad Morrissey in his statement to the court.

That’s a battle the Morrisseys will continue to fight, knowing their first daughter’s murderer is staying behind bars for a very long time.

So would it be true that Sue Bradford would support CYFS taking a child off parents who failed to judge character of a subsequent child murderer, but if those parents had committed the deed themselves, they’d keep the child?

I assume Sue would advise otherwise, but I don’t see any sign of her advocating on behalf of this family.

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  1. hi Brad here, very shocking case resulting in upheaval of “main grieving ingredient” Chevaughn. I call it revictimisation!

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