Geldof: Western Press Refuses to Credit Bush for African Achievements

Just had to post this under “good news to ignore”. It’s a classic case.

President Bush is off in Africa this week enjoying plaudits from numerous African political leaders for his efforts to modernize and improve health and human rights situations there.

Just as they’ve done with positive Iraq news, however, the Western press is burying the story when it comes to the Bush administration’s achievements in Africa. Irish rock star and human rights activist Bob Geldof chided the media today for the situation:

Mr. Geldof praised Mr. Bush for his work in delivering billions to fight disease and poverty in Africa, and blasted the U.S. press for ignoring the achievement.

Mr. Bush, said Mr. Geldof, “has done more than any other president so far.”

“This is the triumph of American policy really,” he said. “It was probably unexpected of the man. It was expected of the nation, but not of the man, but both rose to the occasion.”

“What’s in it for [Mr. Bush]? Absolutely nothing,” Mr. Geldof said.

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