Notes on the Jihad

Just a couple of notes on Jihad to end the day.

  1. The Baghdad bombers didn’t have Down Syndrome. They were just so blown up it looked like the did. They had undergone psychiatric treatment though. I wonder if they were picked because they were already suicidal – nice people, picking on the sick to do their dirty work.
  2. “Officers found books in the backpack titled ‘Muhammad in the Bible,’ ‘The Prophet’s Prayer’ and ‘The Noble Qur’an.’ He also had a copy of the Quran and the Bible….” Oh, and a box cutter hidden in a book. Did I mention he was trying to get on a plane?
  3. America’s muslim congressman has been criticised for standing with anti-Semitic organisations while sitting on a committee on the subject.

According to Kogen, Rep. Klein approached Ellison to ask him about the information he (Klein) received from his meeting with AAH, and Ellison told him that he had “publicly denounced” and would continue to publicly denounce the anti-Semitism from the groups (MAS and CAIR). Kogen told Kaufman that Rep. Klein was satisfied with Rep. Ellison’s statements to him and that they were consistent with the principles of the anti-Semitism task force.

However, Americans Against Hate points out that, to its knowledge, never has Keith Ellison publicly denounced any of the organizations in question. He has never denounced the anti-Semitism from the groups nor any of the terrorist connections of the groups. To the contrary, Rep. Ellison has praised the groups and has spoken on a number of occasions at the groups’ conferences. Last May, Ellison was the keynote speaker at an event sponsored by the Minnesota chapter of MAS, at the same time the organization had on its website statements calling for the murder of Jews. The statements still remain.

AAH Chairman Joe Kaufman stated: “We are profoundly disappointed that Ron Klein has chosen not to remove Keith Ellison from the anti-Semitism task force. Ellison has never denounced MAS or CAIR, and if anybody has proof that he has, we would like to see it. He has only supported these organizations. As long as Keith Ellison sits of the anti-Semitism task force, the task force will have absolutely no meaning.”

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