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Charity, or not

Have to agree with Not PC on this quote.

This conception of liberty conflates two very different types of freedom: freedom from coercion by other men and freedom from the personal requirement of satisfying our own basic survival needs. While these are presented as two parallel requirements of liberty they are, in fact, mutually exclusive. So long as man exists he will have material needs, and the only way that he can escape personal responsibility to satisfy these needs is to impose this responsibility on others. If this imposition is undertaken by others voluntarily then both the libertarian and the modern liberal are in agreement — both condone voluntary charity. But this is not what modern liberals propose. Rather, they impose this duty to help the needy by force of law under the auspices of the welfare state. Under this system, all are forced to contribute to the cost of providing for the needs and alleged needs of others.

Despite any rhetoric to the contrary, this welfare state established by modern “liberals” does nothing to reconcile the contradiction between freedom from men and freedom from nature — it merely sacrifices the former in an attempt to obtain the latter.

I get so sick of people pretending that there is conflict between conservatism and charitable Christianity. There is none. I believe in giving my money to the poor – those who know me can judge for them selves how generous (or not) I am.

But that doesn’t mean that I want to be forced to give my money away. Especially when that money is taken from those with real needs, and given to young men who just can’t be bothered turning up to work on time.

The other day I was visiting a certain house. The first thing I saw was a broken DVD writer. The second thing I saw was a front door with the lock removed, and the (redundant) keys left on the doorstep. Those occupying had moved on, leaving the landlord to clean up – if the local youth gangs didn’t get there first. I’m sure those young people will make good use of their “freedom” while the rest of us pay the state yet again.

How sad that that which was supposed to bring people up and help them is what allows them to sink to the depths. How sad that private charity is now mostly used to bring people out of the mess that public “charity” creates.

Saddest though is that so many still don’t even realise all this, and abuse people like me as “uncaring”, without even knowing anything about what they’re talking about.

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