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Pregnant “Man”

Wow, is this a world first? A pregnant man? Well, that’s the way the MSM is telling it.

A man is reportedly pregnant with a baby girl.

A transgender man in the US – who kept his female reproductive organs – Thomas Beatie, of Oregon, is reportedly due in July after deciding to carry a baby for his wife, Nancy, who underwent a hysterectomy years ago.

Beatie, who had surgery to his chest to look like a man and also underwent testosterone therapy, said he decided to try to conceive after the couple discussed the prospect of him carrying the child.

He told The Advocate magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender readers that his periods resumed about four months after stopping bimonthly testosterone injections.

It’s one thing to call someone a Man who was born a Woman but has chosen to switch. But it’s quite another to keep calling that person a Man when that person has reactivated his/her femaleness.

Oh, there’s also some doubt about the claims.

The article was accompanied by a photo of Beatie with a hand on his protruding belly. But a neighbour of the couple has claimed the whole story is a hoax.

“Quite frankly, I think it’s a hoax,” neighbour Ron Schlieper told the Portland television station KATU.

“I saw him a few days ago and he didn’t look like that.”

Beatie said the couple’s decision had exposed them to discrimination and anger by people who did not understand their choice.

He said doctors had refused to treat them, while other medical workers had refused to recognise Nancy as his wife.

“Friends and family have been unsupportive; most of Nancy’s family doesn’t even know I’m transgender,” he said.

Hm, sounds a bit fishy to me. Especially the stuff about doctors refusing treatment, that would be unethical surely?

It wouldn’t be the first time someone made up a story like this to try and silence their critics by generating wide spread outrage and sympathy.

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  1. That’s disgusting. What does little Johnny say when the kids at school ask him who his Mum is, and he points to his Dad. Yuck, why should any kid have to be put through that?

  2. I think that everything is OK with this situation. But people is getting scared of the new. But that is happening because of the fear to different situations. They are not used to it. Sorry for my English: I’m Spanish.
    If you want to sign our manifesto about sexual diversity, we are asking the respect for homosexuals and trasgender (the manifesto is written in spanish).

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