One of those delicious reversable posts

Jordan’s blog is always good for a few laughs these days.

This all fits in well with an agenda that swept around Wellington a couple weeks ago: that National’s planning a “Shock and Awe” agenda of following on the 80s/90s agenda if it wins the election, and then spending two years trying to get everyone forgive and forget.The events of the week suddenly make that rumour, which seemed frankly a bit nuts, a big step more credible.

Wow, so what ground shaking events are those?

  • Former ACT MP Stephen Franks was selected by National as their candidate in the prime seat of Wellington Central.
  • Roger Douglas gave a press conference at Parliament, outlining his policy agenda which would be the negotiating point between ACT and National in a post election scenario. It’s the Blue Agenda, back to 1988 all over again.
  • Bill English and John Key ruled out the idea of Douglas in a senior position in a National-led government…

So National grabs one of the last Parliament’s most respected MPs, then distances themselves from someone who Jordan considers an extremist.

I’m sorry, exactly how are either of those things a bad idea?

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