$50 From each criminal for victims

Was watching TV and saw this.

All criminals will be forced to pay $50 into a special fund to compensate their victims under new National Party policy.

John Key says it will help cover transport and counselling costs.

But the government says the policy is a hoax and victims will only end up getting small change.

Marton pensioner Mona Morriss was brutally murdered three years ago.

The incident not only left her family traumatised emotionally but also financially.

Many of them are self-employed and had to take a month off work just for her killer’s trial.

“It does take a toll on yourself and your family,” says Kevin Morriss, Mona’s son.

National wants the new scheme to compensate victims, helping pay for counselling and travel to court not covered by ACC.

Offenders will pay a $50 levy at sentencing, at around 100,000 cases a year; the fund will reach five million dollars.

“I think its an appropriate scheme to give some support to people who have suffered horrendous crimes,” says Key.

Kevin Morriss is one of those that like the idea.

“I think victims do get a bit lost and I think this is a good idea myself,” says Moriss.

But critics say once admin fees are taken out, victims will only get small change, saying its just a gimmick.

“The idea you would charge offenders a flat fee of $50 whether you’re a multiple murderer or have stolen a bike is really bizarre,” says Annette King, the Justice Minister.

I’m quite sure that any administrators put in place by King would waste the money on excessive administration. Petty comments like that are yet another way in which Labour shows itself irrelevant. There’s not even a hint that they consider the needs of crime victims.

As for National, It’s a germ of an idea, but it could do with some work.

For instance, how about criminals working in prison, and the money going to victims. That way we get around the “flat fee” issues of this particular proposal, as well as collection problems.

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  1. RUBBISH!!!0 What planet is Key on? A $50 fee paid into a “special fund” to help cover transport and counselling costs. $50 will cover one hour of travel, or one hour of counselling.

    Do the crime, do the time I say. Sentences should accurately reflect the crime.

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