Greens to Tie Up “Religious Right” Vote

Heh, some increasingly rare humor from the left.

Well, 3.9% is fairly depressing. It seems the Greens have lost/misplaced half a percent to either the Kiwi Party or Act (up 0.4% and 0.7% respectively). Oops. Expect to see Metiria introduce our Abolition of All Swearwords and Taxes Bill to the house next week.

If only!

This analysis is good though, in that it points out the stupidity of “x lost voters to y” analysises. No one went from The Greens to the Kiwi Party or Act, they moved to Labour or National, Labour voters move to National (and back) and National voters move to Act. But even that is a simplification, describing trends on averages. In reality it’s much more complex, with people moving in and out of apathy etc.

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