Zimbabwe – A Run Off Poll?

Zimbabwe may be going to a run-off. This is a good sign, that the results of the first round are going to be respected.

Zimbabwe could be heading for a presidential run-off within three weeks, according to the state-owned Herald newspaper.

The first official indication of the result of Saturday’s election says that neither President Robert Mugabe nor his main challenger gained 50% of the vote.

I caught snatches of checkpoint tonight, and they were saying that Mugabe wanted to announce himself as the winner, but the army told him that would cause massive riots which they could not stop.

Quite an admission. Apparently even the army and police are now turning on him, and the commanders could not guarantee the troops would stay loyal.

So Mugabe tried to negotiate some sort of power sharing arrangement with Morgan Tsvangirai, but naturally got told to shove off.

This thing may be resolved without bloodshed yet. Let’s pray that it does.

Sadly, with Mugabe’s mess soaked throughout the country, the cleanup is going to be extremely difficult, more difficult I think that most people imagine.

But there’s hope, that’s where you have to start.

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