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This story caught my eye in this morning’s (electronic) herald.

Mr Berry said a constable in a patrol car was driving north along Te Irirangi Drive on Sunday night when his radar picked up the teenager’s Japanese import coming through the Ormiston Rd intersection.

“He initially thought the radar gave him a mistaken reading because he couldn’t see the car. Then he saw it coming, locked it at 178 and it came through the intersection so quick that he couldn’t even get a registration.”

The officer found the car stopped at the next traffic lights, where the driver explained traveling at more than twice the 80km/h limit by saying he was blowing off steam.

I though – hey, haven’t I heard a story like this recently?

That would be this one. (PDF)

“The first 2 episodes alone featured explicit sex scenes, drug use, explicit sexual talk and innuendo, and the use of the ‘f’ word almost every minute (on average),” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.
“Yet the BSA have tried to excuse this objectionable content with lame and bizarre excuses such as the ‘sexual
encounters were often more bizarre than satisfying’, ‘the scenes were matter-of-fact rather than titillating’, ‘the
programme was preceded by a verbal and written warning’, the title of the programme indicated ‘challenging content’, and the ‘oral sex was implied’.”

Yup, lame excuses all round. In both cases the offender was clearly outside the laws.

Perhaps our young motorist thought he might get the same treatment, but fortunately for the traveling general public, he got the book thrown at him.

If the car had collided with another vehicle, the combined impact speed would have been about 250km/h, which would have been “certainly fatal to the three occupants of the offending vehicle plus anybody they collided with”.

The teenager was charged with driving at a dangerous speed and operating a vehicle recklessly, and his car was confiscated.

Perhaps our young driver should have told the officer he was practicing some art form, challenging society or some other nonsense like that.

Maybe it’s a pity that the consequences of TV like Californication isn’t as clear cut as a head-on collision at 250km/h. Maybe then the law would be properly enforced, as opposed to the joke that this ruling most clearly is.


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