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If you’re like me, you’re wondering a few things about Zimbabwe.

Like, why didn’t they use those results posted at election places in the last elections? If they weren’t there before, how on earth did they get there?

The answer is buried in this article about Mbeki’s (SA President) largely useless “quiet diplomacy”.

New openness

For a time, the quiet approach produced results.

South Africa brokered a new election law which could yet prove decisive.

For the first time, electoral officials have had to post the number of votes cast at individual polling stations, making it much harder to manipulate the figures centrally.

The MDC have been smart in exploiting this new openness – they say they have photographs of every result as it was posted on the day.

This is probably not true, but they have a lot, and Zanu-PF – and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission – do not know which ones they have, making any attempted rigging of the vote centrally a tricky business.

Another part of the puzzle of the overall picture is Simba Makoni, the third candidate for president. I’ve lost my source, but apparently this guy was so involved in the intelligence side of Mugabe’s outfit that Mugabe doesn’t know who he can trust to rig his elections.

Between those two things, this looks like the best change to get rid of the guy for a long time. At this stage, it looks like his strategy is to just deny everything and stay put.

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