Is Solid Energy at it again?

Solid Energy is again taking steps to influtrate the “protest” groups that are trying to disrupt their legal business.

I/S over at No Right Turn believes that this contravenes their requirement of “social responsibility“.

Hm, so tax cuts that might help people are seen as a threat to goverment revenue.

But a threat to government revenue in the form of a group of extremists trying to disrupt a government business is fine, and to try and monitor that threat is “socially irresponsible”.

I reckon that’s about backwards.

Oh well. I wish I were available for the goon baiting activities (it’s one of the more fun things I’ve done in the past) but sadly my schedule is a bit full these days.

But hey, here’s a fun thought. How many spies could you send into these groups with the three trillion dollars that has supposedly been spend on Iraq?

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