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More Irrational Athiesm

In a post last week, I expressed disappointment that people would use the death of 7 innocent people to attach their personal beliefs. I provocatively called that post “atheist scum”.

After the tragedy this week, I wondered how long it would take for someone to use this as an opportunity to attack Christians.

Seems Peter Cresswell is only too willing to take a crack. And here’s me thinking (well, hoping) that no one would sink that low.

So far, 2 atheists have taken a crack at accusing me of calling Peter scum “because he does not agree in a fictional character that you do”.

You have no right to call anyone scum because they do not agree in a fictional character you seem to believe in.


Great argument, someone doesn’t believe in your ghost and they are scum.

I believe in no fictional character. I believe in a God who is real, has revealed himself to me, has met my needs, guided me through life, showed me my life partner, upheld me in times of trouble and continues to work on me.

But I’d be a fool if I did not acknowledge that others do not believe in this God. And while I don’t regard athiesm as a rational position, I don’t hark on about it constantly, and didn’t even mention that in my post.

I’ve had enough of so called “rational atheists” who attack something I never said. My point is one of respect for the dead. In our culture we used to have a respect for those who had just passed away. It seems that some now do not, and will use the opportunity of a person’s death to attack what they believed in life.

How hard is that to understand?

I guess if talking to/about “rational” people, I should use smaller words…

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